Umrah 2020

Please note the Karima Umrah Trip has been Postponed, a new date will be released with Allah's permission.

Alhumudlillah, by the grace of God, we are able to offer our second group Umrah Trip over the Easter break 2020. The trip is open to Karima students,  families and the wider community as an educational and spiritual experience by visiting the blessed cities.

The trip is once again organised in association with Dome Tours (ATOL protected) who are a well established tour operator, having organised Hajj and Umrah trips for over 15 years.

When: Departing 06 April 2020 returning on 19th April 2020 (dates are subject to airlines, and on rare occasions can change)

Costs: The total price per person will be £1441

What is included in the Package:
Indirect flights to Saudia (travelling into Jeddah, transfer to Madinah, then Mecca and returning from Jeddah) from London Heathrow
All airport transfers in Saudi Arabia
6 nights in Madinah (Millenium Taiba (5*))
5 nights in Makkah (Swiss al Maqam (5*))
Sharing Quad Rooms as standard (Please enquire for prices for a double room package)
Full buffet breakfast in both Makkah & Madinah
Ziyarah's in Makkah & Madinah
Walking Tours of the Harams in Makkah & Madinah
Visits to museums and other places of interest in both Holy cities
Walking Tour to Masjid al Quba in Madinah

What is not included in the package:
Transport to London Heathrow    
Lunch and Dinner

Please note the outbound travel iteniary:

London - Bahrain
Transit 3 hours
Bahrain - Jeddah
Jeddah to Medina (by coach, approx 5hrs)

Guardianship / Mehrams:

Children Travelling without a Male Guardian - 
The preferred option is that all children travel with a Male Guardian (Mehram).  However, following advice we have received from the Saudi Embassy, guardian responsibility can be delegated to a Karima member of staff if written instruction is provided by the parents.  

We will provide a template for parents wishing their child to take this option.

Female Adults (Staff Members) travelling without a Male Guardian:

If female (staff) adults are interested in going, but do not have a mehrem able to go, please contact us at to discuss options further.

Payment Plan:

Upon registering your details, a deposit of £200 MUST be made in order to confirm your place.

Please note this deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.

Details of further payments and payment plans will be communicated in due course inshaAllah.  We will also send you a detailed application form that must be completed.


Frequent Q&A

we will continue to update this section as questions come in so do check back:

Q. If I have been on Hajj or Umrah in the last 3 years do I have to pay an extra repeat Visa charge ?

A. No, this has now been scrapped. Saudia 'snow charge everyone a fixed visa charge ( this is included the cost of the trip)

Q.  I don't have a passport / my passport doesn't have 6 months validity.  Can i still register?

A. Yes you can still register. Please do get in touch with us to let us know about the validity of your passport.  At the same time we require that you get started immediately on renewing your passport via one of the following links:

Q. Do children get a reduction in price?

A. We have been advised children 7 years and above must have a bed of their own, so unfortunately no saving on that front. There may be a small saving on the airline ticket (not a huge amount) but we wont know that until we have submitted our group booking. As they only allow a small ratio of tickets to be child tickets. So there will be a reduction but at the moment we can't say how much until we have our finals and deposits. Apologies, its one of the challenges of booking group tickets

Q. Can I share a room with my family only.  There are 3 of us (example)

A. Our pricing system is based on quad sharing. If families would like to book a room with less people sharing this can be requested but costs will be increased accordingly. Otherwise, we will allocate ppl to rooms accordingly. Children with other children, female adults together, male adults together etc 

Q.  How far are the hotels from the Harems?  

A. Swissotel (Makkah) is in Abraj al Bait (Clock Tower), so the entrance itself is very close to the Harem, it will take approx 5mins from the rooms to the tower entrance. Millenium Taiba (Madinah) is located close to Gate 7.  Entrances for the mens prayer area is very close, and the women prayer area is approximately 5 mins from the Hotel.

Q Do I have to do everything with the group/join all activities/treks?  

Karima Students will be expected to join the full programme , adults can choose to opt out bust must inform group leaders .

Q. Will children be able/allowed/expected to go to the mosque on their own?

A. Students will be expected to be under the supervision of staff or their parents to and from the masjid. We will review this case by case for older students.

Q.  Can I cancel at any time?

A. Yes you can cancel but unfortunately your deposit is non refundable. There will be a cut of for cancellations nearer departure time.



Event Date 06-Dec-2020
Event End Date 03-Jan-2021
Registration Start Date 04-Dec-2019
Capacity 40
Registered 37
Available place 3
Individual Price Deposit £200
Location Castlefield - High Wycombe


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