A transformative journey through the pillars of faith

This course will be divided into 4 main classes. The classes will run through July and part of August , after Sept it will run term time only, Insha Allah. Sundays 9am to 11am. Venue Castlefield Community Centre

The Divine names (16 weeks)  You canCatch up on missed lessons via our Youtube Channel: Click here


The Divine names will be approached from a linguistic and spiritual-practical point of view. They are divided into 16 different categories making it easy to briefly dive into the linguistic meaning of each name and explain how these names are connected to one another.

Angelic Lights (6 weeks)

Every angel mentioned by the Prophet ﷺ has a specific effect on the way we think, feel, behave look at life and connect to God Almighty. We will explore all of these angels, their tasks and at how our belief in them transforms us.

The Prophetic soul  (5 weeks supplications, 5 weeks lives of the prophets)

The prophetic ﷺ supplications are transformative. They are a school of life a vision a methodology. When one understands the way these supplications connect to actions, he will understand the beauty of the Divine, the ‘secrets’ of life. He will be transformed and understand that supplications are not there to be said, but to be lived. We will discuss the supplications mentioned in the book: al_Adhkar, written by the gnost Imam an_Nawawi.

We will also study the lives of the 5 Ulul ‘Azm: Nuh: Ibraheem, Musa, ‘Eesa and Muhammad ﷺ. We connect their lives to this modern era, we will look for solutions to many modern problems, da’wa techniques and spiritual strength.

The Hereafter (10 weeks)

Our belief in the Hereafter should be transformative. In the light of a book by Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael (16 year of research), we will explore  what we can do in this life to overcome all obstacles on our way to the Hereafter. There is a solution to all lifes problems, and we can find them in the Qur’an and the Sunna of the Noble Messenger ﷺ


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