Taraweeh Prayers 'Light'- Family Event for Ramadhan

Taraweeh Prayers 'Light'- Family Event for Ramadhan

Taraweeh prayers 'Light' - High Wycombe

We have been offering a shorter Taraweeh for the last  5 years without much advertising. Given the timings and people having to get to work, The Taraweeh prayer will take place again at :   Castlefield Community Centre , HP12 3LL 10:15pm

The prayer will consist of 20 rakahs where only a few verses or short surahs will be recited. A few reminders and Qasid will be built in to the gathering.  This is open to ALL individuals and families. 


After only a few days into ramadan and  it becomes noticeable that the congregation in many mosques is starting to dwindle. I have experienced ramadan in the middle east over many years and in different countries and it was very normal to have some mosques complete the entire quran over the month in the taraweeh prayers and many others only small amounts. In this way people had a choice between long taraweeh prayers and shorter ones. Bearing in mind, this was in muslim countries where the fast is shorter, and many people work less hours in ramadan, yet mosques catered for every type of person.

The classical fiqh (islamic jurisprudence) books clearly state that although it is sunnah to complete the recitation of the quran over the month of ramadan in taraweeh prayers, if it is too burdensome on the congregation then shortsurahs should be read instead, as a larger congregation entails more merit than a lengthier recitation. Also standing is not a condition in the taraweehprayers so they can be prayed in the sitting tashahhud position (the sitting position you are in at the end of the prayer), although its half the reward and mildly disliked, nevertheless it is valid and much better than leaving the prayer altogether.

It seems like a no brainer that where we are fasting 19 hours, with most still doing full time hours at work, that we have a similar set up in our cities in the UK, giving people a real choice between short and long taraweeh prayers depending on their circumstances.

Shaykh Amer Jamil


Event Date 04-May-2019
Event End Date 04-Jun-2018
Registration Start Date 13-Mar-2019
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Free
Location Castlefield - High Wycombe


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