Fiqh 101 - An Introduction to Shāfi’i Fiqh

Matn al-Ghāyat wal-Taqrīb (Matn Abī Shujā'ah) by Imam Abū Shujā'a Ahmad ibn al-Husayn al-Isfahānī (d. 593 AH).

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Arabic Matn 

  1. Introduction: Course Intro & Outline                                                          Video    Handout        
  2. Ṭaḥāra Pure and Impure Water                                                                   Video    Handout      Matn 
  3. Miswaak (Tooth-stick) & the six obligations of Wudhū’                            Video    Handout      Matn
  4. Sunnahs of Wudhū, invalidators & al-Istinjā                                              Video    Handout      Matn
  5. Ṭaḥāra: Ghuṣl, Khuffain and Tayammum                                                   Video    Handout      Matn
  6. Ṭaḥāra Purification of Najis                                                                          Video   Handout      Matn
  1. Ṣalāt Timings of Ṣalāt
  2. Ṣalāt Conditions, Pillars, Obligations
  3. Ṣalāt The Complete Prayer
  4. Ṣalāt Jamā’at, Ṣalāt al-Jum’ah & ‘Eidain
  5. Ṣalāt Nullifiers, Qadhā
  6. Ṣalāt Nawāfil, Sujūd al-Saḥw
  7. Ṣalāt of the Sick & Traveller
  1. Zakāt Obligation, Zakat al-Mal
  2. Zakāt Recipients of Zakāt
  3. Sawm Types, Moon sighting
  4. Sawm Nullifiers, Miscellaneous
  1. Trade Contracts
  2. Trade Bay’
  3. Trade Ribā
  1. Hudūd Zinā
  2. Hudūd Alcohol Consumption
  3. Siyar & Siyāsa Governance, Khilāfah
  4. Siyar & Siyāsa Jiḥād, Jizyah
  5. Siyar & Siyāsa Land Taxes


Course Instructor: Shaykh Shams Tameez is a graduate of UK-based seminary Jamia al-Karam. He then completed the Diploma at the Cambridge Muslim College in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership. After this he worked as an Imam at Aylesbury Mosque in Buckinghamshire before embarking on further studies in Istanbul at the Abu Hanifa Institute. He has also been fortunate to study with great scholars from Syria currently residing in Istanbul such as Shaykh Khalid al-Kharsa, Shaykh Adnan Darwesh, Shaykh Ridwan al-Kaheel and Shaykh Muhammad Shuqayr and Turkish scholars such as Mulla Yavus. He then travelled to Tarim in Yemen for one year where he was blessed to study at Dar al-Mustafa. He returned to the UK and completed a Master degree at SOAS University in Islamic studies. He is currently pursing a PhD at Ibn Haldun University focusing on Islamic theology along with studying at the IKAM seminary specialising in the Islamic rational sciences. He continues to be a teacher & lecturer at the Karima Foundation.