Karima Supplementary Schools
In September 2004, following several years of running small educational projects in High Wycombe, Karima Foundation established its first supplementary school. With humble beginnings of 2 classes the schools have grown to now facilitate the learning of over 300 children across 5 schools.
Started in 2004, the Weekday School provides a tailored programme for children aged 6-10 years to cover the core and most important aspects of a child’s Islamic learning.
Karima Saturday School started in 2006 for children aged 5-9 years. Students benefit from Qur’an and Islamic Studies taught in a fun, innovative way.
Qur’an and Islamic Studies for boys aged 8-16 years, catering for the growing needs of our community.
Started in 2016, for ages 13-18, the Karima Alimiyyah classes aim to educate and prepare our next generation of teachers.
Engaging classes for ages 10-16, taught in a conducive environment to promote a profitable learning experience.
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