Karima Saturday Secondary Supplementary School (Ages 9+ Boys and Girls):

The aims of our schools is to inspire love of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, His Prophet ﷺ and His creation. Fusing traditional learning methods with a more contemporary approach to teaching and learning, the secondary school aspires to nurture upright citizens with high aspirations and strong Islamic morals able to positively contribute to society. 

When: Saturday 11.30am-1:00pm

Curriculum: Basic Qur'an recitation/correction, Tafseer ( for those who have completed recitation of Quran)  Up to Six diverse projects to allow exploration of faith in Britain (these will including school visits, archery, calligraphy, martial arts and much much more).

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Surah Mulk

Tafsir is one of the areas covered at Saturday School. One of the classes has been looking into Surah Mulk and the students have worked independently to produce a PowerPoint which explains what each Ayah of this surah means.