Karima Weekday School Quran Khatam 2017

Event Date 15-Feb-2018 17:00
Event End Date 05-May-2018 21:00
Registration Start Date 24-Sep-2017
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 14
Cut off date 15-Nov-2017
Individual Price FREE Event

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

On Sat 21st April 2018, students from Karima Secondary School will be going on sightseeing bus tour of London with a special focus on Islamic history in the city. We will also stop for Dhur Prayer at Regent Park Masjid.
The cost of the trip is being paid for by the school, so is FREE. Any student who register and do not turn up will be charged £20 for costs. Students should bring a packed lunch and can bring some pocket money in the case we are able to stop for souvenirs or snacks on the journey.

Students need to arrive at Cressex school for a 8.45am departure and will return approx 4.30pm.

8:45 AM Depart from School:

10:00 AM Start bus tour in London (tour broken up with guided hop-offs)

2:00 PM Arrive at Regents Park Mosque for Salah and lunch

3:30 PM Depart London

4:30 PM Arrive in High Wycombe

We will be guided by a professional qualified Muslim Tour Guide.

Any questions please email or ring 07853150847

Event Date 21-Apr-2018
Event End Date 21-Apr-2018
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Free
Astronomy and Islam: Introduction @ The Royal Observatory

We will join an astronomer for a special show featuring the New Crescent Moon and the history of studying it.  

Held before the predicted sighting of the next New Crescent Moon, a Royal Observatory Greenwich astronomer will guide you through the steps to observe this phase, discuss the difficulties in defining a first sighting and will provide a general overview of the sky this month. Also the astronomer will trace back the study of our nearest cosmic neighbour to Arabic astronomers who helped form our modern understanding of the Moon's movements and appearance.

This a very special and personal tour and will give a unique insight to an important sunnah and islamic heritage. This is open primarily to Alamiyya Year 2 students and if space allows Year 1 Alamiyya  students. 

Places are limited and are not guaranteed until we have booked tickets. Families are welcome to book directly and make their own travel arrangements. 

We will leave High Wyombe at 8am and arrive back at approx 3pm on Saturday 14th July 2018. TRavel may be by minibus or train, details to be confirmed.

Event Date 14-Jul-2018 8:00
Event End Date 14-Jul-2018 16:00
Registration Start Date 20-Jun-2018
Capacity 32
Registered 13
Available place 19
Cut off date 30-Jun-2018
Individual Price 20.00

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Muslim Essentials- Mirqat and Karima Summer School

This is a unique opportunity to attend our two week summer school. The aim is offer an Islamic perspective to certain ideas taught to Muslim children at schools which may not reflect authentically the Islamic perspective on such ideas and at time may even stir confusion.

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Event Date 30-Jul-2018 10:00
Event End Date 01-Aug-2018 13:00
Registration Start Date 20-Jun-2018
Capacity 40
Individual Price £23 The fee covers the full two weeks
Alimiyyah Foundation Course

Karima al-Marwaziyya Foundation is pleased to announce that we will be opening registration for the 3rd intake of students of a  3 year programme which will equip students with the knowledge and tools of in depth Islamic studies. Upon completion students will be able pursue further Islamic studies at an advanced level.

There will be an opportunity for year 3 students to travel and study the arabic language overseas. (Summer 2019)

Year 1 Curriculum: 

Arabic Language, Introduction to Aqeedah, Fiqh (Tahara,Prayer, Fasting, Hajj), Prohibitions of the tongue

Year 2 Curriculum: 

Arabic Language, Level 2 Fiqh , Usool al Hadith, Tafsir of Juz Amma, Uloom al Qur’an and Tasawwuf (Prohibitions of the tongue). 

Year 3 Curriculum:

Belief (Aqidah): a study of the classical Sunni text Aqaid al-Nasafi accompanied by a set of explanatory notes written for Alimiyyah students.
Hanafi Fiqh: the study of the legal rulings related to: marriage, divorce, food, drink, halal and haram, state governance, law and order along with a revisiting of topics covered in previous two years. This will be taught from the text 'Durus al-Ibtidaiyyah' (Introductory Lessons in Hanafi Fiqh) which is being authored specifically for Alimiyyah students.
Spirituality (Tasawwuf): a study of the poem 'Purification of the Heart' by the great Mauritanian scholar Shaykh Muhammad Mawlud. This text will help students to identify the common diseases of the heart and bad character traits and their cure from an Islamic perspective.
Quran Studies (Ulum al-Quran): a study of the most important topics related to the Quran and principles of tafsir expertly summarised from the textbook of Dr Nur al-Din Itr from Damascus.
Principles of Fiqh: a study of the formation and history of madhabs and hanafi fiqh in general, an overview of principles related to deriving rulings, the principles of legal judgements -fatwa - and other relevant issues.
Contemporary issues: a study of contemporary issues such as atheism, morality, science and faith etc.
Disputed matters: a module discussing issues of dispute between orthodox Sunni Muslims and other denominations, with a particular focus on the topic of Tawhid and shirk.

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Event Date 14-Sep-2018
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price £25 per month

Karima Weekday School  introduces Karima PenPals! 

By the grace of Allah we have managed to connect with a well renowned institution, Safina Society in America, New Jersery to run a PenPal scheme for students in Advance 1 & 2 with the institute's children's programme called NextGen. We are very excited about this opportunity for the children and are confident it will be of benefit.  To find out more about Safina Society and Nextgen please visit: www.safinasociety.org

For more details and to register click here

Event Date 10-Jan-2019
Event End Date 31-Jul-2019
Registration Start Date 10-Jan-2019
Capacity Unlimited
Cut off date 31-Jan-2019
Individual Price Free


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