Karima Alimiyyah Foundation Course (12+)

In depth Islamic Studies for young adults, timing up to 6 hours a week.

Karima al-Marwaziyya Foundation is pleased to announce that we will be opening registration for the 4th intake of students of a  3 year programme which will equip students with the knowledge and tools of in depth Islamic studies. Upon completion students will be able pursue further Islamic studies at an advanced level.

Year 1 Curriculum: 

  • Arabic Language
  • Introduction to Aqeedah
  • Fiqh (Tahara,Prayer, Fasting, Hajj)
  • Tasawwuf (Prohibitions of the tongue)

Year 2 Curriculum: 

  • Arabic Language,
  • Level 2 Fiqh
  • Usool al Hadith,
  • Tafsir of Juz Amma
  • Uloom al Qur’an
  • Tasawwuf (Prohibitions of the tongue)

Year 3 Curriculum:

  • Belief (Aqidah): a study of the classical Sunni text Aqaid al-Nasafi accompanied by a set of explanatory notes written for Alimiyyah students.
  • Hanafi Fiqh: the study of the legal rulings related to: marriage, divorce, food, drink, halal and haram, state governance, law and order along with a revisiting of topics covered in previous two years. This will be taught from the text 'Durus al-Ibtidaiyyah' (Introductory Lessons in Hanafi Fiqh) which is being authored specifically for Alimiyyah students.
  • Spirituality (Tasawwuf): a study of the poem 'Purification of the Heart' by the great Mauritanian scholar Shaykh Muhammad Mawlud. This text will help students to identify the common diseases of the heart and bad character traits and their cure from an Islamic perspective.
  • Quran Studies (Ulum al-Quran): a study of the most important topics related to the Quran and principles of tafsir expertly summarised from the textbook of Dr Nur al-Din Itr from Damascus.
  • Principles of Fiqh: a study of the formation and history of madhabs and hanafi fiqh in general, an overview of principles related to deriving rulings, the principles of legal judgements -fatwa - and other relevant issues.
  • Contemporary issues: a study of contemporary issues such as atheism, morality, science and faith etc.
  • Disputed matters: a module discussing issues of dispute between orthodox Sunni Muslims and other denominations, with a particular focus on the topic of Tawhid and shirk.

To register, please click here