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"Gharfatul Bazi min tafseer ar Razi" - A summary of Tafseer Razi, as compiled by Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael

In this book you will also find an introduction to Imam ar-Razi, my methodology in shortening and editing the tafsier and a brief discussion of Imam ar-Razi's tafsier and his methodology. I also asked Shaykh Sa'eed Fuda, through my Shaykh Jalal for advice and what I should focus on, his reply was - knowing about my focus on tafseer ar Razi, since I was attending his classes in his house - may Alah preserve him -: "Focus on completing the summarized version of tafseer, and on tafseer, as it is one of the sciences that are neglected today."    I called my summary: "Gharfatul Bazi min tafseer ar Razi"

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