Alhumdulillah, we have had a busy first term at Karima Weekday School. The new academic year commenced with a Bring and Share Picnic which provided an opportunity for students to reacquaint themselves with their peers and teachers after the long summer break. The event instilled concepts of unity and brotherhood and reminded the children of the barakah of eating together, as the Prophet salalahu alayhu wa salam said: “eat together and mention the Name of Allah over your food, it will be blessed for you”, he also said: “ the food for two suffices for three; and the food for three suffices for four persons” [Bukhari and Muslim].

We also elected the school’s Prefects, Head Boy and Head Girl. Students wrote expressions of interest, they were then invited for interview (conducted by previous students of the school), and then the final stage was a presentation in front of their peers. The calibre was exceptionally high, which made the teachers role of selecting the final team of prefects extremely hard.

This year’s prefects are: Nusayba Hussain, Maleeha Ali, Fatima Kayani, Zaynah Shafique, Sara Arman and Aadam Shiraz.

The school’s Deputy Head Boy is Salah- Udeen Nabi and Head boy is Daiyaan Souman. The Deputy Head Girl is Aisha Hussain and Head Girl is Zahra Qureshi.

A huge well done to all the children, I’m sure you will make the school and your parents proud insha’Allah.

The prefects first task was to head up the school’s fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support, a ‘Pop-up Café’ which was held Friday 28th September. JazakumAllah Khayrun to the community for your support and generous donations, alhumdulillah we raised a staggering £3,000 for this phenomenal cause.

During the first term, students also visited the Jubilee Road Masjid and received a warm welcome from the teachers, students and Imam Haseeb. The children were excited to return and share their experience with their families and peers.

A trip to Rush Trampoline Park, nicely rounded off the end of the first term.

Enjoy the photographs!!