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Reading of Shikwa

Reading of Shikwa

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Session Synopsis:

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The Shikwa is perhaps the most creative work of Muslim literature of the twentieth-century. Composed during the forfeiture of the Ottoman Empire’s last European possessions, the poem figures as an affective lament to God, interlacing theology, history, and politics into a fiercely ontological reflection of the Muslim condition. Iqbal wrote his dissertation at Heidelberg on Kalam and Tasawwuf, tying in Ash’arism with Ibn ‘Arabi and Mulla Sadra and Persian Sufis, and his notions of Kalam animate his poem.

The session will explore biographical details of Iqbal’s life and career as a historian, poet, mutakallim, as it will also unravel the scale and meaning of each hemistich, situating Iqbal with his earlier Indo-Persian predecessors, like Naziri Nishapuri, Kalim Kashani, Urfi Shirazi, and Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil. Iqbal is in many ways the last Indo-Persian poet, familiar with the tropes and metaphors of the Indian Persian tradition, yet also trained in Kalam and Tasawwuf,  and to explore the political implications alongside the poetic and Sufi crescendos in post-Mughal India will be a highlight in this session.

Course Instructor:

Mawlana Saaleh Baseer completed his Hifz in California under Mufti Mudassir, thereafter journeying to South Africa to complete the six-year Dars-i Nizami at Darul Uloom Azaadville. He has also spend three years studying Ifta, writing fatwas under the supervision of Mufti Amin Kholwadia at Darul Qasim College. He earned his BA at Columbia University in History, and did his MA at the University of Chicago, in Mughal Persian and Ottoman history. He is now a PhD candidate at Harvard, studying post classical Usul al-Fiqh and Maturidi theology in Central Asia and Mughal India

Event Information

Event Date 18-Nov-2023
Event End Date/Time 18-Nov-2023
Registration End Date/Time 17-Sep-2060
Capacity 90
Registered 70
Available Place 20
Individual Price Ten Pound (Online only)
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