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Compass of the Traveller - Clearing Misconceptions on Matters of Faith

Compass of the Traveller - Clearing Misconceptions on Matters of Faith

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The Compass of the Traveller will be delivered term time (which attendees can opt in at any time as they take place) in bitesize modules each discussing important
aspects of the Deen allowing participants to develop a deeper knowledge of the integrals of Islam.

Module for this Summer term - Clearing Misconceptions on Matters of Faith
Some topics amongst others that will be touched upon in this series:

  1. Dhikr Al Ism Al Mufrad - The Sunnah of doing Dhikr and invoking Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) - 
  2. Are the dead still 'alive', The connection between the dead and the living, Gifting the dead
  3. Quranic recitation to the deceased and similar questions answered. 
  4. Tabarak (seeking barakah from a blessed place or item) 
  5. Tawassul & Wasila and asking the dead .
  6. What is Bidah? 
    1. Books: Re-writing and altering books and plagiarism amid salafiya. 
    2. Hadith on Bidah and dalala - Is there Bidah Hasanah? 
    3. Bidah in Fiqh al Hadith 
    4. It's not saheeh! understanding conditions of Hadeeth and rejecting without knowing 
  7. Following a madhab between being compulsory and bid'ah.
  8. Visiting the grave of Prophet (SAW) when going hajj/Umrah
  9. Tasawwuf: a myth, a must, a science, or an invention.
  10. Ash'ari scholars; deviated, guided, or misunderstood.
  11. How a wrong understanding of the weak hadeeth lead to rejecting the Prophet ﷺ
  12. The Prophet's parents are in Jannah?
  13. Bid’ah, Tasawwuf, Istigatha.
  14. Fiqh issues that are not issues.
  15. Shaykh Abdul Qadir al Jaylani al Hanbali. 
  16. Those who were killed by the Quran.
  17. The authenticity of ahadeeth about tawassul and ziyara qabr an-Nabiy.

Event Information

Event Date 14-Jan-2024 10:00
Registration End Date/Time 25-Feb-2060
Capacity 70
Registered 48
Available Place 22
Individual Price 40
Location Castlefield - High Wycombe