The Compass of the Traveller

We are proud to launch a comprehensive and innovative new weekly course designed to help Muslims living in the west redirect their daily focus back to Allah (swt).

The Compass of the Traveller was designed and will be taught by our Teacher Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael.  The course will provide detailed and practical steps on how to approach the various challenges and difficulties we face in our busy worldly lives.  The spiritual void and lack of direction and focus are common ailments for many Muslims regardless of their role in society.  The course, based on the Quran and the Sunnah of our Beloved (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam), provides regular opportunities for the student to develop their reflective practice and develop action-orientated remedies for their unique circumstances and challenges. 

The Compass of the Traveller will be delivered term time (which attendees can opt in at any time as they take place) in bitesize modules each discussing important aspects of the Deen allowing participants to develop a deeper knowledge of the integrals of Islam.

Launch Sunday 12th Sept - 10am-12pm 

Cost per term: £20 (in person), £30 online, or free via our Bursary option

Target Audience: Age 12+ to Adult. Families who wish to navigate their way to their Lord & Creator Allah in a meaningful and practical way, through the teachings of our Master Muhammad (SAW). 

An important aspect of Islamic traditional teaching has always been to physically sit with the scholars, righteous people and students of knowledge.  It is with this in mind we implore all students to make the effort to attend in person and benefit from the uplifting social aspect of the classes.

Below is a breakdown of the first module and an outline of the future modules on this two year course.

Year 1       Compass of the Traveller - Transformative Journey to the Hereafter 

Module 1 - Art of intention: The manuscript, Hibatullah and importance of intention (Sept-Dec)

  • Session1 - Art of intention: The manuscript, hibatullah & the importance of intention  

  • Session 2  - Seeking knowledge of ikhlas (sincerity), means to draw closer to Allah,  mindfulness, the first duty of an accountable person    

  • Session 3 - Taking stock of oneself, prioritizing acts of worship, varying status of taqwa, why piety is difficult, the reason why development of fear is delayed    

  • Session 4 - The rights of Allah, between precedence and deference, mistakes because of waswasa     

  • Session 5 - Varying levels of taqwa, no action before intention, the definition of ikhlas, showing off    

  • Session 6 - Showing off for benefit, ways of showing off     

  • Session 7 - The most blessed of people, fighting the master of deceit   

  • Session 8 - levels of showing of and bragging, signs of the show-off, what if people find out about your good deeds     

  • Session 9 - When sincerity is not a factor, categories of the inhabitants of heaven and earth, different matters in relation to deeds seen by the public    

  • Session 10 - Between showing-off and shyness, why people dislike criticism, making a show of piety     

  • Session 11 - What helps one to avoid sins, man's worst enemy, self admiration     

  • Session 12 - Pride and arrogance  and envy    

  • Session 13 - A day in the life of the mureed  

Module 2 - The Adhkar: - Living the Prophetic Supplications  ( Jan-Feb)

Module 3 - The Divine Names of Allah - Living the names of Allah  (March- July)

Year 2

Module 4 - The Angels 

Module 5 - The Prophets 

Module 6 - Qadar 

Module 7 - The Fitan 

Module 8 - The Hereafter 



Event Date 12-Dec-2021 10:00
Event End Date 31-Jul-2022 12:00
Registration Start Date 26-Sep-2021
Capacity 230
Registered 209
Available place 21
Individual Price Term 1
Location Castlefield - High Wycombe


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