Do you have a great idea for a Community Project? Karima Foundation is here to help and support you!

Karima Foundation offers community grants for people in the community to bid into to serve a community benefit.

The Karima Foundation wish to empower community members to be able to deliver new initiatives that have a positive impact on our community.

Process and eligibility

Anyone can bid for the money, it can be individuals and not necessarily groups. There is a two tier level of funding available, if you have not worked with Karima previously you are only eligible to apply for the lower (new bidder) amount. However, if you have  previously worked with Karima you are eligible to apply for the higher (existing bidder) amount.

New bidders can bid for you up £250 per project.

Existing bidders (those who have previously worked with us) can bid up to £1,000.

Money would not be transferred into individual accounts, instead invoices will be paid by Karima after they are billed to us.

Projects would be supported by individuals from Karima to ensure high standards of delivery are maintained, once you are successful in your bid you will be assigned a mentor from the foundation.

Email completed application to

Projects we have Supported 

  • June 2019 - Girls Young leaders programme
  • May 2020 - COVID19 Foodbank Launch
  • April 2020 - Castlefield Girls Youth Club
  • Ladies Crochet Club (June 2021)
  • Relaunch of Community BJJ (June 2021)
  • Relaunch of Youth Clubs (June 2021)