As we enter a new year (and a new decade) we at Karima wanted to encourage people to put aside the mobile, switch off netflix, mute instagram and get outside more, read some books and reconnect to nature.

The 'DisConnect to ReConnect' theme for the Primary school's will see the children taking part in a cross country run (those of us of a certain age will remember these from our own childhoods), they will also be learning skills such as knitting, sewing and swapping the computer and online games for board games and marbles.

The children have all made a pledge and so we hope to encourage parents and other adults to also make a pledge to get outside more and/or challenge themselves over the year.

The challenges could include:

  • Walk, run, swim, cycle
  • Work towards a goal..a half marathon, a marathon walk, London to Brighton cycle
  • A Tough Mudder type event
  • 2020 Squats, sit ups, burpees, lunges etc
  • Climb a mountain 
  • Read 20 (or more) books
  • Or anything else you wish to push yourself to doing and achieve.

You can do these challenges on your own, with family or friends, in small groups or more.

Make the intentions manifold: to improve health, to raise money, to challenge yourselves and to disconnect.

Get involved and if you want to share your story let us know via #challenge2020.

To kick things off Br Asim from Karima will be taking part in various challenges starting with a Marathon walk (26.2 miles) around London on 19th Jan.

The walk will start at the Oval Cricket Ground, taking in the sights of the capital like the London Eye, Parliament, Tower Bridge, St Paul's, Shakespeare Globe and much more. He hope to raise some money for Karima projects so please donate via  with the reference #challenge2020.


Keep visiting for updates.