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Karima Endowment Project (WAQF)

17 August 2022

The Current Approach - With the steady rise of Islamic organisations in the United Kingdom, various ways to fund such institutions have been sought.

The most common model is through donations from the Muslim populace, and also, through government or corporate funding. However, Islamic organisations need to be forward-thinking and not solely rely on such finance models to support educational, community, or humanitarian services. The simple reason being sustainability. The aforementioned models of income do not provide longevity, and should not be the basis of dependable long-term projects.

A Solution

Through the Prophetic prism, we find that Al-Mustafa (s) established both places of spiritual growth (in the mosque) and economic independence (through setting up an independent marketplace) on arriving to the illuminated city of Medina. Thus providing both spiritual and financial security for the Muslims (and the communities they serve) and giving them strength to spread the message across the entire globe. Such financially self-sustaining models of governance not only afford dignity and purpose but also afford trust from the community, since religious entities exist to fully serve the community, without cost.

Unfortunately, it seems Muslims in the main have long since forgotten this beautiful tradition which has contributed to most organisations now relying on donations, fundraisers and grants to survive.

The setting of the endowment project will look at securing long-term funding for the amazing work Karima do in our community and beyond insha Allah. To support this project get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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