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17 August 2022

The Karima Foundation is committed to serving the local community educationally, recreationally and economically.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was apparent that a new arm was required to bridge the gap between statutory services and the BAME community that Karima serves. As a result the ‘Health & Wellbeing’ arm of Karima was set up with the aims of reducing the health gap and increasing health literacy of the local BAME residents. 

The foundation has worked closely with statutory bodies such as Bucks Healthcare Trust, Thames Valley Cancer Alliance, Bucks Public Health and Primary Care Networks to try and address health inequalities and reduce barriers in accessing appropriate healthcare services. The successes of this relatively new branch of Karima has meant increasing the remit to include social determinants of health also.

A number of volunteers have championed the cause with vigour and enthusiasm. The excellence in delivery of the subject matter experts has led to the foundation being partnered with the National Institute of Health and Research as a partnered organisation. Karima can always rely on its bank of trained healthcare professionals to mobilise for the needs of the community.

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