(Currently Closed to new admissions)  Musab Ibn Umayr School Qur'an and Islamic Studies Classes (Ages 8+):

The aims of our schools is to inspire love of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, His Prophet ﷺ and His creation. Fusing traditional learning methods with a more contemporary approach to teaching and learning, the boys quran school aspires to nurture upright citizens with high aspirations and strong Islamic morals able to positively contribute to society.  The boys only study upto Juzz amma, there after are referred to local tutors to complete their recital.

Attendance to all sessions is compulsory (unless leave is authroised) , otherwise students will not be able to maintain their place at the school

When: Closed to new admissions until further notice

Curriculum :

  • Tajweed (Qa'ida Baqhdaadiya to Juzz Amma)
  •  Islamic Studies (using the iSyllabus course)

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