Healing through the words of God & the Prophet (saw)

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Surah Yasin 

Wird al Imam Nawawi

Asr Hizb al Bahr 
Isha Surah Mulk 
Night Prayer   
At any timeSurah Kahf 

Surah Kahf - Short Version Fridays 

Ruqyah – Healing through the words of God & the Prophet (saw) This short audio recording was made for us by Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael and contains within it a selection of Quranic and Prophetic litanies to help protect the listener from any nefarious intent. This is a recognised practice from within the Islamic tradition and, with the current fear surrounding the pandemic and also much trepidation around more metaphysical ailments, is in need of revival. We do, however, acknowledge that the ideal scenario is one in which the listener recites the invocations themselves and this should only be used as a temporary measure until that is possible. Also, the Sharia recognises that, with spiritual cures, physical cures also have a central place. So, if any physical symptoms persist, please consult your local doctor.