Washing, Shrouding & the Burial of the Deceased

Coping with Bereavement & Loss



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  1. Introduction: Course Intro & Outline   
  2. What to do at the time of Death                   
  3. How to Mourn for the Dead 
Prepartion of Burial
  1. How to wash the Deceased (Ghusal)
  2. Shrouding of the Deceased
Janazah & Burial
  1. How to Pray the Janazah Prayer
  2. The Burial and what to do at the Graveyard
  3. Condolences, Eating at Matams and Matters related
Post Burial 




  1. Condolences, Eating at Matams and Matters related
  2. Question and Answers

Coping with Bereavement & Loss

00:00​-08:00​ Introduction
08:00​-09:30​ Who have I lost?
09:30​-11:50​ What else have I lost?
11:50​-13:38​ Symptoms of Grief
13:38​-16:50​ Stages of Grief
16:50​-18:26​ Loss Orientation
18:26​-23:00​ Differences in men & women grieving

23:00​-29:20​ Helping children cope with bereavement
29:20​-40:00​ Cultural & Generational beliefs
40:00​-46:00​ Protection & co-protection
46:00​-49:00​ Difficult relationship with person who has died

49:00​-52:00​ Unresolved grief
52:00​-56:00​ Covid Deaths
56:20​-01:00:00​ Anticipatory Grief
01:00:00​-01:03:00​ Things that can help
01:03:00​-01:06:40​ How I can help someone who has been bereaved
01:06:40​ How can I help myself

Course Instructor: Maulana Saman Hussain is a graduate of UK-based seminary Jamia al-Karam.