Karima al-Marwaziyya Foundation has been working to serve the Muslim, and wider, community of High Wycombe for over 20 years. During this time we have grown from an organisation that started out in a small bookshop to a charitable foundation providing multiple activities and events 7 days a week, engaging hundreds of people of all ages. We rely on an amazing team of volunteers and staff.

We realise that as the Muslim community continues to grow and the political, social and economic landscape around us changes, we need to ensure we are still providing relevant advice, services and opportunities for the community.  As a result we sought feedback from the community about their views and feedback on the gaps in provision to meet these growing and changing needs.

The questions we asked were in six main categories

  • What topics and talks, workshops and activities are needed around Islamic Education?
  • What activities are needed for Children 0-14?
  • What activities are needed for adults both male and female?
  • How can we reach out to the wider community?
  • Which needs of the community are not being met or there are perceived weaknesses?
  • What Karima could do better?

The survey was sent out to approx 1000 participants through Social Media ( Facebook, Instagram , Whatsapp and email). 149 people responded with their varying opinions, concerns, views and ideas.

The results can be seen below

On the back of this consultation we have developed measures and strategies that address some, if not all, of the main points raised.

These have included.


  • We have contacted Sheikh Abdul Aziz Fredericks about a one day course on parenting and to launch his book Educating Children, Classical advice for modern times

Social Media and Technology usage

  • Discussions have taken place on best course of action

Activities for Teenagers

  • Alimiyyah 3 year groups currently 5 Classes
  • Growing up workshops for boys and Girls
  • Development of existing provision


  • Working with active Bucks and our existing team of volunteers to widen provision and participation

Mother toddler group

  • We are in the process of setting up a mother and toddler group, which will meet fortnightly at Castlefield Community Centre. We will publish further details closer to the launch.

More Islamic Studies

  • Our team are looking to ensure we offer regular courses on both religious matters and courses tackling more contemporary matters

Mental Health

  • We will be working towards setting up better links to support the work of professional agencies, for example Bucks Mind, Wycombe Mind and Healthy Mind Bucks.
  • We intend to enhance our social events (as detailed below) which will also be part of our Health and Well-being strategy, combating social isolation.

Social events

  • We are in the process of setting up a weekly/fortnightly coffee and chat session for sisters. Details to be published soon.

More events

  • Fiqh of Ghusl  14.04.19
  • Preparation for Ramadan
  • Iftar under the stars
  • Annual fundraiser

Work with partners

  • We continue to work with a range of partners on various projects and will be seeking out new opportunities

Elderly support

Social Media and Better online presence

  • We have implemented a strategy that will seek to improve our online presence.
  • We have developed an improved website and further engaged with Social Media platforms.

Karima Consultation Infographic