Fiqh 101 - An Introduction to Shāfi’i Fiqh

Matn al-Ghāyat wal-Taqrīb (Matn Abī Shujā'ah) by Imam Abū Shujā'a Ahmad ibn al-Husayn al-Isfahānī (d. 593 AH).

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The series will connect us to the names of the Lunar Islamic months and how they take us through a Journey as they connect from to the other. Learn how to live and embody each month, allowing for moments of reflections.

At times we raise our hands but find difficulty bringing to heart and mind the words to express our true feelings and thoughts.  To help us all we've extracted 40 Duas from the Qur'an that begin with Rabbana ('Our Lord') and made them easily Accessible.



Listen to recitation and a brief explanation of the dua



Listen to recitation and a brief explanation of the dua



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