Founded in 1998, the Karima al Marwaziyya Foundation (KMF) was set up by a group of volunteers based in High Wycombe with the aims of:

  • Supporting the development of young people through the provision of educational, social and recreational activities. 
  • Helping develop a clear British Muslim identity and a sense of belonging and social responsibilty. 
  • Allowing access to Islamic teaching, at a variety of levels for the benefit of the community.

As the profile of the Karima al-Marwaziyya Foundation has increased in its stature and activities, the organisation formally gained charitable status in 2007. Currently the organisation has 10 members on the committee each with a lead on a specific area of the organisation's work, a large group of teaching staff and community volunteers.

Over the years these aims have resulted in a number of projects,:

  • Our flagship projects are our supplementary schools. These schools are underpinned by priortising safeguarding and personal welfare. They provide students with a secure grounding in Islamic knowledge as well as developing their character and British Muslim identity. The schools aim to mold conscious and socially responsibile young adults who can play an active part in modern Britain.
  • Delivering adult learning courses in the various Islamic sciences aimed at providing essential knowledge. 
  • Supporting open days and events with partner organisations.
  • Arts workshops including photography, calligraphy and street art.
  • Workshops for young people including weekly youth club and 'Lockdown' youth programme and annual sleep overs.
  • Regular trips including residentials for young people and family retreats.
  • Running a scouts troop, delivering activities for both Beavers and Cubs.
  • Sports activities for men, women and children including:  Yoga,  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club, Archery, Swimming, Circuits and Tae Kwon Do
  • Management of a community centre for the use and benefit of the wider community.
  • Management and running of a public community library service.
  • Juma, Taraweeh & Eid Prayers